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Sensitization of Zithromax body can occur on various compounds - including insulin, which is used in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus. An allergy to insulin means an increased sensitivity not only to insulin itself, but also to the impurities of a different (mainly protein) nature that it contains.


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Manifestations of this pathology can be local (itching at the injection site of insulin, swelling, pain) and Azithromycin (discharge from the nose, skin rash, respiratory failure). The diagnosis is made, taking into account the fact that the patient is treated with insulin, traditional allergological tests are additionally performed. Therapy consists in replacing one form of insulin with another and desensitizing measures. Allergy to insulin is one of the most important medical problems. The drug cannot be canceled, since patients with diabetes cannot do without it (with the exception of those who take pills for this disease).

The problem can be solved due to hyposensitizing treatment (it is aimed at reducing the manifestations of this pathological condition) and the emergence of new forms of insulin that can be mutually replaced. The currently used varieties of this drug cause allergic reactions with approximately the same frequency - when replacing insulin with its other type, the development of a repeated allergic reaction is not excluded. Nevertheless, there is a tendency to reduce allergic reactions with the use of more thoroughly purified preparations. This pattern indicates that biological additives play a significant role in the occurrence of the described disease.

  • Most often affected in working age and older. The incidence of this pathology in men and women is approximately the same.
  • Causes of Azithromycin allergy.
  • The reasons for the development of the described disease are:
  • All of Azithromycin are a product of the pancreas.
  • At the same time, clinicians stated an allergy to both monospecies insulins (they contain an extract of the pancreas of animals of only one species) and combined ones (they are made from extracts of the pancreas of animals of various species).

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It has previously been suggested that the combination of insulins increases the risk of an allergic reaction, but this has not been statistically confirmed. Now this question has no practical significance, since combined insulins are not currently used.

An allergic reaction to insulin can occur regardless of the onset and duration of action of insulins (according to this characteristic, they are divided into short-acting and prolonged drugs, the latter, in turn, are of medium, long-term and extra-long action).

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  • In addition to protein impurities, insulin contains inorganic elements (for example, zinc), which can also cause an allergic reaction.
  • As expected, allergic reactions occur less frequently with the use of human insulin, they are less pronounced than after administration of its analogues derived from the pancreas of animals.
  • Bovine insulin is known for the most severe allergic reactions to it.
  • The local form of allergy to insulin has one characteristic feature - the impetus for its development may be the wrong administration (injection) of insulin.
  • its introduction to those places that are not intended to perform this procedure; overly pronounced cooling of the insulin that is injected.